In Which I Embrace My Geekery

So, I am a geek.

While this is not precisely a staggering confession for anyone who’s met me, heard me speak, or glanced my direction, I have always attempted to hide just how much of a geek I truly am. I believe this may have to do with having been ruthlessly bullied and teased in school for my rather diverse portfolio of geekitude. And so, I toned it down for public consumption, disappeared onto the internet, and managed to express my general insanity in various forums and means.

This is actually the first time I have ever put it all in once place. For the most part, if you knew me in one of my online endeavors, you didn’t know me from the others. If I role played with you, I kept you out of my fanfiction. If you read my fanfiction, I kept you out of my art. It was all based on a complex demographically generated algorithm. . .

Alright, that’s utter bullshit. I was nervous. Rather difficult, looking back at it, to imagine it that way: I mean, I wasn’t ‘trying to be taken seriously as a scholar,’ considering I was writing literary criticism on superheroes as a manifestation of the changing national consciousness of the United States and presenting it. I wasn’t trying to be taken seriously as an artist considering I spend nearly as much time painting Harry Potter and Spider-Man on walls as I do making logos and business identities (yes that counts as art–I do awesome work).  And hell, many of my roleplay family have known me since I was 10, so it’s not as if I have to hide that I can write from them, or that I write based on fandoms.

I embraced a general stigma of being a broad-spectrum fangirl and multi-genre geek. And I should stop.

So, this will be my attempt to change that, letting all that madness out in one place. Exorcising those demons, as it were.

And yes, I intend to continue getting full mileage out of the fact that they made a movie about exorcising a woman who shared my first and middle name.

So, welcome. Let’s get this party started.

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