Supernatural Episode Review: Pac-Man Fever

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Supernatural fans have something to cheer about as actress Felicia Day and writer Robbie Thompson once again paired up to bring us out of the funk of a two week hiatus filled with fan wank and disgruntled viewers.

After some spotty characterization and fast-and-loose continuity in Supernatural’s episode 19, “Taxi Driver,” we were coming back into the show after a break that gave many fans time to stew on problems in “Season GR8,” rather than wait in anticipation for the newest adventure. Interviews and previews for tonight’s “Pac-Man Fever” left many in fear that it was a lighthearted romp and Monster of the Week episode, out of place so close to the finale, or that it would exclude one character or relationship in favor of the others.

More pointedly: a lot of fans flipped their lids that the only real sign of Sam they saw in the preview was of…

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