Supernatural Dallas Con: Days 2 and 3

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Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen

Day two of DallasCon began not with an introduction to his own duo panel from Richard Speight Jr, but Richard and Matt Cohen hopping into the audience and prowling the center aisle regularly, their hilarious act ready from the start. If you’re hoping to answers about the Trickster, about young John Winchester or Michael, or want to hear about their Supernatural experience you’re going to be slightly disappointed.

It doesn’t matter what the question is. The answer is “My spirit animal is an otter.” This became the catchphrase of the morning, and then every questioner was told to pick a number between one and 30, at which point Matt would read out a corresponding ridiculous Texas law. Did you know it’s illegal to own a realistic dildo in the state of Texas? Neither did we! But we know now. There are at least three…

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