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Creator and Fandom Control: Why you should care about the Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars Promo Image (Fair Use)

A long time ago, we used to be friends. . .

Bringing cancelled TV shows back as movies by appealing directly to the fans: imagine the possibilities. Firefly? Chuck? More importantly, letting the creator and the fans determine when the story is over cuts out the terrible studio decisions that dragged this great show down in Season 3.

I’ll admit, I once took part in flooding the CW offices with bizarre mail in order to try and make my voice heard about a TV show. Before Feathers for Castiel (you can stop now, guys, we’re getting our angel back) there were Cloud Watchers flying planes with messages over the CW offices, and there were Mars Bars and marshmallows from the dedicated fans of Veronica Mars. I dread to think of how our efforts turned out, once they were taken out of their envelopes. . . they were probably a melted mess. I almost feel bad. Almost, but not quite. I’ve put together post cards, fliers, participated in online campaigns, and made friends through our dedication to fandoms.

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